With over twenty five years experience in the paper processing industry.Total Mailing Solutions II LLC has been a leading supplier to corporations,schools,government,non-profits and institutions across the USA.Our product line consists of pressure seal equipment and checks perfect for payroll departments and accounts payable departments.Folder Inserters and custom envelopes for billing and marketing departments.Document folding machines for non-profits and small office solutions..

Our "customer comes first " philosophy and superior product line keep Total Mailing Solutions II LLC an innovative leader in the paper processing industry.

Let us be your single-source supplier!

Come grow with Total Mailing Solutions!

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    Formax FD2098 Production Pressure Sealer from $499.00

    Formax FD2096 Production Pressure Sealer Secure Processing of One-Piece Mailers The FD2096 Autoseal uses patented pressure seal technology to efficiently process cut sheet pressure seal forms in a mid volume production envirnment,at a speed of up 30,000 per hour.Its bottom suction a...

    Formax FD1506-Plus Pressure Sealer from $249!00 Visit Now

    Formax FD1506-Plus Mid Volume Pressure Sealer The FD1506 Plus Autoseal offers a user friendly mid volume solution for processing one piece pressure sensitive mailers.Its color touchscreen control panel uses internationally recognized symbols in place of text,and a speed of up to 6250 fo...

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